March 7, 2009


I'm posting this very early Phoenix time, as I'm on the next leg of my trip: to my aunt's funeral in a neighboring state.

The drive out here was brain-clearing. Compared to the lush eastern coasts of this country, the deserts seem harsh, barren and unwelcoming. But I found abundance today in the wildflowers blooming all along the highway: sage-colored bushes that look like they have heads of hair standing on end, and at the end of each strand of hair is a golden-yellow blossom. The spiky lavender flowers, low to the ground, edge the asphalt, followed by carpets of neon-yellow blossoms. I tried to take pictures as I zipped along at 75 mph, but none of them were worthy photos for this Slice of Life post.

However, I do have a photo that is worthy: my granddaughter Brooke and me.

And a photo I take with every child of mine: their hands intertwined with their newborn's.

Abundance, indeed.


  1. precious! I love your description of the Desert.

  2. You captured the beauty of the desert so beautifully. Your granddaughter looks sweet!

  3. Beautiful pictures!
    I have never been to the desert and your description makes me want to go.

  4. I love you description of the desert ... so barren and stark but also beautiful! LOVE the photos.

  5. What a nice idea: taking pictures of your kids holding their newborns. Do you frame them, or scrapbook them, or...? I grew up in Utah and the desert is very beautiful. And hot. Very hot!

  6. A great combination of powerful words and images,