May 6, 2011

Get To Work

I have a lot of blogs in my Google Reader, and most days I just skim over the lot of them, clicking "Mark All As Read," before I move on to my schoolwork.  Today I had a little extra time, so I watched/listened to a presentation (from Swiss Miss' website) given by Andrew Zuckerman about his creative process.

I tried to take a couple of screenshots to capture some of the quotes from his book, Wisdom. In that book, he interviewed the "elders" or people who had lived some years on this planet and had something to impart.  Here's one quote:

And another: "You can't get to wonderful without passing through all right." (Bill Withers)  Over at his website, he has a short of these simply beautiful projects.  He's also done Bird, Creatures, and a host of other projects.

I have a quote on the upper right of my blog that runs along the lines of what Close, a painter, said.  However, the idea of work and of getting to it doesn't belong to either Close or Butler.  Our writing group seems to be coalescing after a faulty start, and I look forward to using this group to prompt me to the computer--to get myself into the chair, hands on the keyboard and to pry off the top of my head and let the imagination come forward in some fashion.  I don't know where it will go.  I just want to try.  I hope I'm not too old, or too tired, but the age of the people in the Wisdom book/film clip and how they speak their minds lets me know that all can create.  All.

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  1. I like that comment "you can't get to wonderful without passing through all right". Just get to work. I'm going to do that today. Our kids have to know that too. So as not to hurt them sometimes we let them think everything they do is wonderful when it is just all right. When you push them to wonderful, they get that genuine, wonderful feeling and they know it truly is wonderful, not just because we say so.