March 31, 2011

What Binds Us

For my last slice, I thought I'd offer a poem I've been working on.  


When I think about quilts I see
Patches flying free, held fast
By lines of even stitches;
Patterns, colors,
Mathematical designs finding order
In radiant angles and languid curves.
Cut the cloth into parts, like the tumbling glass
Of a kaleidescope, glinting broken dishes
Or the strokes of time: ascending with the constant task,
And my everpresent anonymity in the washing, folding,
Chasing dirt, wiping tears, turning taunts to reason. 
Ancient kneading of bread replaced with endless driving,
Idle sojourns on sun-splashed fields, musical drills,
Homework.  Morning repeats, and sun up
'Til sun down, what holds the heart
In the re-doing?

Purposeful lines holding
These patched-together pieces
Of our lives.

My mother, when talking about our family, always quoted that famous saying about what binds us together is stronger that what pulls us apart.  And what binds our little community of slicers?  A love of words, enthusiasm, a limited and an achievable task, fearless leaders, and a sense that what we are doing--and daily re-doing--has in many ways, contributed to each of our lives this past month.  Thanks for all your comments; I'll see you now and again on TWT and for sure, next year!

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  1. I love the poem and how much it relates to life. There are definitely things that bind us together like the stitches on a quilt. I have enjoyed reading your slices and thank you for your positive comments throughout this challenge. Happy continued writing!

  2. What a beautiful poem. I have enjoyed reading your posts every day and the wonderful comments you left for me. Thank you so much. I look forward to reading more.

    Happy Writing

  3. Oh my...I love this! Especially these line:
    Morning repeats, and sun up
    'Til sun down, what holds the heart
    In the re-doing?
    Thanks for all the lovely posts!

  4. There is so much that goes into a quilt--lives, feelings, good times, sad times, a kaleidescope of life like you said. You focused on the stitches--the ties that bind us together as a family! Our comments to each other are threads. Thank you for all your comments.

  5. Your thoughtfulness must also go into the quilting, & what you know about quilting must also apply to the writing--the persistence, the creativity, the resilience when things don't go quite right, & snapping back to work out the 'pieces' again. Your poem is lovely,& I have enjoyed all the slices/creative words & pics. I still remember that "streetlight' forest. Looking forward to hearing your words again! Thanks for your thoughtful comments, too.

  6. I love the stitching together of quilting imagery and our lives as mothers. Like Tara, my favorite lines are:
    . . .what holds the heart
    In the redoing?


  7. Your words were woven together so well! I love this poem! Thanks for sharing! I'll miss this! Happy slicing!:)