March 27, 2011

Sturm Und Drang

Lest you think my life is all Sturm und Drang (loosely translated as Storm and Stress), I present some photos taken in a little slice of a day I had on Thursday.  My husband and I ducked out of our responsibilities and went to Los Angeles.  First up: the Urban Lights outdoor sculpture at the LA County Museum of Art.  This is an assemblage of vintage streetlights, tightly arrayed in a square.

We had fun ducking in between, photographing all the different varieties--it was like a streetlight forest.  I want to go back when it's night, to see them all lit up.

Next we went up to the Griffith Observatory on Mt. Hollywood, right near the Hollywood sign. It's so weird being near all these famous landmarks which we so rarely see.  Then a visit to Galco's Soda Shop (over 200 varieties) and our "soda cellar" is all filled up with strange and wonderful kinds of sasparillas, creme sodas, root beers and spicy ginger ales.  Lastly we stopped for Chinese dumplings: the juicy pork and crab bundles were brought to our table all steamy hot.  Perfect ending for a day that started sunny and turned rainy.

Lastly, I've finally started on those papers that have been waiting all Spring Break.  Yep.  Mr. Plagiarizer lived up to his moniker--nearly his entire paper lifted from a website.  It took me the better part of 2 hours to prepare all the copies and write the letter to send on to the VP of Academic Affairs for when I return.  Incredible to think that I warned him on his rough draft and he still turned in a fully plagiarized paper.  Sigh.

Back to the Sturm und Drang.
(from Elizabeth, who did not plagiarize any of this post)


  1. Elizabeth,
    Your photos are marvelous. They capture majesty and whimsy all at once. Thank you for sharing. My head just shakes when I read about Mr. Plagiarizer. Glad you had some joy before getting back to the grindstone.

  2. -it was like a streetlight forest.
    I liked this phrase because your photos back it up.
    Elizabeth my first graders are all writing their first non-fiction book. They are being so careful to use their own words. The other day, one of the students was looking up how to spell a word. Her neighbor barked at her, "You can't copy from the book!" I chuckled knowing they are taking it to the extremes and knowing for now, that is okay.

  3. Great you were able to get away with your husband. Those days are precious. The photos are so appealing, & I too love the "streetlight forest". I wonder how many know how much time teachers spend teaching students to do the right thing! And I don't mean the academic work, of course. Sorry for all the work because a student continued to do the wrong thing, but thank you for not letting him get away with it.

  4. Photos, love them as you share LA with us, but it's a shame you had to waste more of your precious time with Mr. Plagiarizer.

  5. Loved the photos you shared--a remarkable display--and your words fit them perfectly. I always find it amazing that students ignore "warnings" about plagiarism and turn things in anyway....maybe turning him in will be the lesson he needs...

  6. Elizabeth,
    I just don't understand the thought process of a student who, after warning from the person who will grade his paper, still persists in copying from the sources. Perhaps it's the lack of thought? Not caring? Just not getting it? Ugh.

    I loved that your getaway pictures were all bright and sunny! I think that's exactly what we all need at this point in the semester. Sun, art, and Chinese dumplings!


  7. It sounds like you had an amazing day. I just love the picked such great angles to shoot from. I could practically smell the dumplings, yum! I'm sorry that the day ended up rainy and with Mr. Plaigerism.

  8. The pictures, all of them white/gray (with the touch of yellow highlighter) are a perfect visual for your metaphors of storm and sunshine. As far as that yellow goes, may it bring the "sunshine" of not having to deal with Mr. P. in your class any more.

  9. Beautiful, pictures! Your account sounds like a wonderful way to spend a day away from responsibilities and the doldrum of our daily routines. My husband and I need a day like this!

  10. Beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing.

    So sorry about Mr. Plagiarizer. Sigh is right.

  11. Thanks for taking us with you to the streetlight forest! What a place to spend a moment!

    I love that you distance yourself from the perpetrator by referring to him as "Mr. Plagiarizer." It is an appropriate stance to take.

    Glad to hear that someone else leaves the grading til the last moment too! Perhaps if we had hopes that it would be more enjoyable...