March 20, 2011

Partly Windy

We've been expecting the rain here all day, but other than a few sprinkles it's only been that feeling of "something's coming."  One woman in church suggested it was negative ions in the air, that feeling we call anticipation of a storm.  I think it could be that--or anything--as we Southern Californians generally have pretty boring weather: mild in winter with an occasional rain, and hot and mildly humid in summer, for weeks and weeks and weeks.  Thunderstorms?  Could count them on one hand.  Snow?  Only once, and it was a trace amount.

So when my son moved back to Washington DC at the beginning of February, the day after they arrived it started to snow late in the evening.  Midnight found those two Californians in the parking lot of their new apartment, playing like little kids in the snow.  I'll only see extreme weather when I head to wintery places, so for now--the wind, the anticipation of a good cloudburst--the moving of the palm fronds in the wind looking like a teenager flipping their bangs out their eyes--is good enough for me.

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P.S.  The rain has arrived--buckets and buckets pouring out on my roof in huge splatters of noise.  Terrific!


  1. There are so many ways to greet the weather, & celebration is really one of the best ones. I loved your ending, the palm fronds like a teenager flipping bangs out of the eyes. Hope you had a good storm.

  2. I feel that sense of anticipation here, too. Part of me thinks it's the weather, and another part of me just thinks I'm looking forward a little too much to the semester being done and gone. We had rain start here last night - no supermoon for me - and then during church and all morning there were big claps of thunder and heavy downpours. I'm convinced my lawn went from dull grey and brown to green in a matter of hours!


  3. You know, it really is cool that the weather provides us with something to examine and think about every day. If we lived in boxes I think a good portion of our brain cells would just up and die.