March 31, 2011

Final Thoughts on Slicing

Ruth asked us to reflect on this month of slicing.

First off is the commenting.  Given the increase in our numbers, I no longer could post on everyone's site like I have liked to do in past years.  Today/tonight I have been reading and posting for close to 5 hours, and every time I refresh TWT's site, there are two more blogs to visit.  I'm determined to do everyone at least once: I apologize to those whose blogs I couldn't comment on because their spam-getter-thing didn't like my spelling somehow.

Like any teacher worth their salt, I like the give and take of this brilliant little community of slicers that Ruth and Stacey dreamed up.  You know--you see all the students on that first day of the year or semester and you are so pleased with each other and so eager to share and to invest in.  But the real relationships begin when that first assignment is handed out--and then handed back.  The conversation begins.  The give and take, the ups and downs and the hard roads to climb all start there.  Ours began on March 1st and for some of us the conversation continues.

I've got a new Facebook friend, another Slicer is coming west and we plan to meet up.  A Slicer in Canada read my travel blog when I was on a trip to her country and I loved that our relationship continued (and that she liked my assessment of the food in Canada). Tracey's sheer determination to write every day both shames me and inspires me.  I love looking in on different people because their lives fascinate me (Bonnie, with her travels is living my alternate life, I'm convinced). And I've come to enjoy reading Wanda from Maine's blog.  As grandmothers, we seem to think just alike on so many things.

But most of all I love returning to see some of my old Slicing Friends every March--to catch up on the Quidditch competition or see how life is faring Down Under.  I've missed Stacey this year, but look forward to next year when she rejoins that community that she and Ruth began.

Thanks, guys.  You're the best.  Happy Slicing!

P.S.  You can visit me at my regular blog if you like.  I sometimes forget to keep posting here.

P.P.S.  I visited EVERYONE's blog in the last 24 hours just so I could say that I did.  That's over 70 blogs, 70 comments.  What a way to end this thing!


  1. I had the same reflection on commenting this year. I was not very good at that. Good to read your slices again.

  2. I wanted to be able to comment on more posts also, but it got to be quite difficult to get to some days especially! There are some people's posts I know I never got to read. I'm still going back and finding great writing that I'd wish I'd read earlier. Oh, well, maybe next March! I'll be retired, a grandmother, and then won't people be so, so happy to see grandmother posts! BTW: it's snowing in Maine today, so NO SCHOOL! I can read posts!

  3. I was nervous about making comments at first, maybe because I'm not a writing teacher. So I read a lot and said little the first two weeks. But as I saw how encouraging and motivating it was when people commented on my blog I became emboldened. It's a little like getting over the fear of public speaking. I love your dawn picture, what beautiful colors!

  4. I've loved reading your posts, Elizabeth. They've sometimes given me ideas, & the umph to continue on. Hope to see you on Tuesdays!

  5. Loved reading your reflection, and really appreciate the amazing effort I know it took to read and comment on every post--even for just one day. I too found myself wishing I could do more on that end of the challenge, but fell so short.

    Maybe next year! :)

  6. "But the real relationships begin when that first assignment is handed out--and then handed back. The conversation begins." I love, love, love this description. And I love that it is a parallel for the TWT community conversation. You really "get it," and I always feel smarter for having soaked in your words, my Facebook friend!

  7. You echoed my sentiments about comments - I choose the word sentiment because that's the way I felt about it. I truly wanted to read and comment on everyone's writing, not because I had something wonderful to say but because it was a way to say "I'm here reading your words!" Thank you for being there for me too.

  8. A beautiful picture for reflecting. This was my first year of the challenge and I had just joined the last of January. What an experience. I've met people my age and much younger--what fun. I will try in the future to keep track of the many blogs I revisited so much. I've enjoyed your blog.

  9. I'm spending as much time today savoring posts as much as possible. So many wonderful pieces and ideas that I would like to try myself or with student writers. I've enjoyed reading your blog and plan to visit your regular blog. :)