March 4, 2011


I just finished watching an old movie while I worked on the applique for my latest quilt.  When I sew, I don't need--or want--some intense, dramatic film.  I just want something in the background to keep me company.  The movie I streamed down on Netflix was a Marilyn Monroe-Jane Russell film titled Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend.  I felt like I'd tumbled down a rabbit hole into some crazy world where women were expected to look a certain way, act stupid and talk in breathy phrases.  Oh, wait.  That was our world when I was a child, growing up.

And now what does popular culture expect women to be? While there certainly are a fair share of stars who still affect these same dated qualities, I'm happy to say that I think our daughters and granddaughters--once they break free of the princess culture--have many more choices than simply to extol jewelry as their best friend--even if it is just a Hollywood movie.


  1. Love the phrase - tumbled down a rabbit hole. Your voice shown through brilliantly. We do have more possibilities. Have a great Friday. :)MaryHelen

  2. Also loved that phrase "tumbled down the rabbit hold". It's a great turn of phrase...

    And I love that you have added the "click to return" link under the slice logo. I'm going to figure out how to do it on my posts!

    Happy Writing

  3. "Talk in breathy phrases" was a perfect choice of words! I could immediately visualize the scene. Love the title, and your lead-in from the TWT comment post.

  4. The Turner Classic Movie channel is one of my favorites. The glimpses into different time periods fascinate me...and I gain a greater understanding family members who lived in these different time periods.

  5. I couldn't agree more with your blog today! Personally, my dog is my best friend. :)

  6. I agree up on those movies too and even though I believed I rejected their messages and values, did I, did we?
    And now...what has changed?
    I hope A LOT!
    It's good to be back reading slices :)

  7. Sometimes I agree with you & sometimes I don't. Watching middle school girls' dress habits, although they are different from long ago, still meet that criteria of pleasing others. I hope that more don't bother today than in yesteryears, yet our culture (& marketing) seems to hope they yearn for the right looks & clothes. Your connection with the movie was described so well, & then with yourself.