March 13, 2011

A Day of Rest

I took the day off today, this day of rest, and went to church.  Then I came home and we grilled salmon and ate it with a tossed salad, Israeli couscous (with pistchios and sultanas).  I made cookies--my husband's favorite of chocolate chip.  I sat down and started to stitch on the applique for the quilt, and just now am getting up, having nearly finished the long border.  Oh yes, we had snacks in there, a friend visited us, we watched two episodes of Doc Martin.  After my husband went upstairs to putter around, I watched Julie/Julia, or is it Julia/Julie?

A day of rest.  I'd better take it because tomorrow around noon my daughter and her three children arrive.  This is the daughter I blogged about all last year.  The baby is now two-plus and the oldest is eight-plus.  Riley, a boy, clocks in at four years old.

No rest for a while!

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  1. Your day sounds 'delicious'. I hope the time with your daughter & grandchildren is even better. How nice you get to visit.

  2. What a wonderful Sunday you had. I liked the way your thoughts flowed from one activity to the next. It made me smile. MaryHelen