March 6, 2011

Day of Rest

So it's my go-to-meeting, go to church day--a day set aside from all my usual activities.  I slid into the pew a few minutes before church started and we all smiled at one another.  The meeting began.  And for the families with young children in front of me, it was sort of like someone said "OK, Gentlemen.  Start your engines!" and with a vroom, the children were off and running.

We have a three-hour church meeting block, with the entire congregation meeting first for 70 minutes.  It's at this meeting where the parents start out with the children sitting lined up in between them on the pew, picture books out on the childrens' laps: reverence personified.  The crayons and paper are tucked away in the church bag for later use, along with small snacks for the tiniest children, and any small quiet toy that might possibly entertain the children while the adult speakers spend the meeting listening to the weekly sermons.

I used to be one of those moms, Sunday bag packed with books (rotated out weekly) and crayons and little notebooks, and pictures of Jesus, and cloth books with things that snapped and laced and velcro-ed off and on, but still--by the time you got to the end of the service, and even if you did manage to keep the children quiet and somewhat focused--you felt like you'd been on a race with the closing hymn and closing prayer as the finish line.  So I smile at these young families and think of my own children, grown and gone, somewhere in some congregation, repeating the process.


  1. One of the quiet activities i remember doing as a child during the service was circling "the" in the bullentin.

  2. Such a chore to keep kids quiet in church, but worth it in the end! With all the church bags, the mom's look like they are going on a trip.

  3. That is so funny that we both posted about church and about kids in church! Our minds must be meeting somewhere over Colorado or Utah and deciding what we'll write about.

    As I read your slice, the first image and smell that came to mind was Cheerios. There's just something about that cereal that makes me immediately think of kids in church. It's also the item that I'm most likely to find on the floor by those back pews when I tidy up.

    -Carrie F.

  4. The first day of the week. I love, love Sundays! Junior church always requires a bit more sweeping and tidying of the pews!