March 20, 2010

TP-ing Houses

This is my neighbor's house, and the red car on the front right is the teenaged son's, complete with their yard security sign stuck through his door handle. We used to get this experience a lot--that of a bedecked landscaping--as we had three teenagers under our roof for six very long years, until the oldest went off and the youngest hadn't yet grown up to qualify.

One summer I think we cleaned toilet paper off our yard and trees and fences every Saturday. We learned to re-set the sprinklers to not go off early Sunday morning, so we could get to it. We used the tree-pruner-on-a-pole to tug the strands from our enormous birch tree. A good part of our trash was wadded up white toilet paper (why is it always white?). One time my husband decided to save all the little roll ends to use in the house. We all rolled our eyes, and I noticed that his stash was gone the next weekend; I can only assume they were used in acts of revenge by our teenagers upon other weary families.

Then one day, it all stopped. The children grew up, moved away and now I get to watch the cycle all over again across the street.

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Happy First Day of Spring!


  1. This brings back many memories of my teen years! TPing was very popular in my town.

    A few years ago, when I was in New Jersey, the kids next door went and TP'ed the whole street on Mischief Night (did I spell that right?) and they had to clean it all up the next day. I loved that!

  2. I'm so glad you added the photo. Someone had quite an arm to get the roll over the top of the tree! Not that I'm speaking from experience. :) On a side note, I'm so jealous of your lush greenery. By the time this spring snow is over, we're set to have almost a foot!