March 8, 2010

Sushi Therapy

I'm an adjunct.

That means every semester I sign a little paper that says that I have no contract, that I am at the mercy of the administrators, that I can't sue, complain, or try to become a full-timer. That I am worse than a grad student in terms of job security and benefits. Okey-dokey.

So budget cuts. For personal reasons, I volunteer to drop one of my two classes. They think I'm saintly. I let them. Then my Fall 2010 schedule came out. El Crapola, as my son would say. Sigh.

So my fellow faculty member and I went out for Sushi Therapy after class today. We stayed for a long time, chewing over this issue and that and dissecting the wretched schedules and weirdo students and strange fellow faculty and in the end we were filled with good sushi, filled with empathy and good vibes.

We're ready to go again, ready for our continued forays into the adjunct maze.

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  1. That's a tough situation, I know, and I remember having a job at a newspaper once that felt just about the same -- as if I were dancing daily on the head of a pin, waiting for it to drop.
    I hope you find a path to permanency.

  2. I know what you're talking about. Back in the tough days at IBM in the early 90s when they were laying off in droves, they actually hired me to start a new magazine. They needed my skill but didn't have a hiring ticket. I became a permanent temporary. It was precarious but I learned a lot and moved on. By the time they had the ability to hire me I knew I didn't want to be in corporate America. I'm enjoying your Slices!

  3. Who wants the boring life of predictability, right? There is something to be said for the adventure of living from semester to semester, right? Yeah, right.

  4. Sushi Therapy is my favourite kind!

    When one door opens....right?

  5. I mean closes...when one door closes...

    Long day! I need sushi theraphy soon.

  6. Using just a few words you write a powerful Slice. This is an art in itself. I'm glad you have a friend who you can "get away" with for a few hours. Thanks for sharing, Ruth

  7. I love this slice! I used to be an adjunct and you brought me right back to that time in half a second. Sushi therapy sounds like the perfect treatment!