March 23, 2010

So, Happy Birthday One More Time

When I was young, birthdays began with the cake. What kind of cake do you want? when the question and my answer was always: Marble.

So my mother would go down to the store and find the marble cake mix, and mix up the batch of yellow, divide it, squeeze in the chocolate packet, stir some more. I was allowed to drag the knife through the blobs of chocolate in the yellow batter to make the marbling effect.

I don't think I ever chose a different cake, but I don't really remember.

My husband had another birthday today, and I worked hard to come up with inventive gifts that he wouldn't ever guess, and he didn't. I bought a new staple gun, staples for the staple gun, a phone with a speaker in the base, and of course, that original artwork. I'm not so sure he's crazy about the artwork, but he does like the idea of it.

Glacier Point by Doug Braithwaite

The birthday cakes I make now don't start with store-bought mixes, although for years they did. Funfetti was my son's favorite. German Chocolate was what Dave used to say. Lemon was my daughter's choice for a while. But since I learned that the best cakes are from scratch (or did my taste buds just get more sophisticated?) we have a few we make around here. I ended up making what we call the "castle" cake--a lemony pound cake baked in a bundt-style pan. Not only is it magnificent for presentation, it tastes good for days afterward.

What's the cake in your memories?

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  1. As a kid, my favorite was always a chocolate cake with whipped cream frosting (my mom made the frosting herself, and it was light and airy and yummy).

  2. I'm remembering...No home made birthday cake. But my mom made cookies- We called them, are you ready? Mommy Cookies. Lots of vanilla and some chocolate in the center. I'm tasting them now and there's no calories

  3. My mother always made an angel food cake for my birthday - usually with pink frosting. I remember one year when she put layers of raspberry sherbet in my cake - great memories.

  4. My Mom used to make a cake from her childhood that her Granny called a 1-2-3-4 cake because there were four layers and each layer was a different color (from food coloring). It was always fun.

  5. When I was growing up my grandmother would make a "car cake". She named it that because she said it was the only cake you could afford to make after you bought a new car. Anyway, she would make from scratch a white cake. When it was fresh out of the oven she would take a wooden spoon and poke holes all in the cake. Then she would make a chocolate frosting. While it was still hot she would pour it over the cake. The frosting would ooze into the holes and make little tunnels of chocolate throughout the cake. I loved it!

  6. I had all kinds, but chocolate stands out as a favourite. Or yellow, with chocolate frosting! My mom decorated cakes using the Wilton pans, so we were always subjected to butter cream icing, and I never had the chocolate of my dreams unless I was at someone elses' house. POOR ME!!

    Now I have cheesecake. I made a cake from scratch once and it wasn't a good experience. :)

  7. I don't have cake memories as a kid but I was determined my kids would. I slaved to make speciality cakes (dinosaurs, trains, spaceships). I am not artistic and these cakes were a real work of love. The year my oldest son turned 8, he said, "Mom you don't have to make my cake, just get one at Dairy Queen!" From then on the boys voted for DQ over Mom!!