March 21, 2010

Raise High the Roof Beam, Carpenter

I've watched this Greek Orthodox church go up, bit by bit, steel beam by steel beam. This afternoon I grabbed my husband and our cameras and we went over to take a look.

As I stood on this slight hill at the base of the Box Spring Mountains in Riverside, the fragrance of citrus blossoms came wafting into these outdoor rooms. It's that time of year here. All the citrus trees that have been harvested are getting their "haircuts." The top foot of new growth has been lopped off, and the white blossoms for next year's crop adorn these trees, looking like giant sprigs of baby's breath. They smell wonderful. Before our city exploded in growth and leveled many of its orange orchards, all of Riverside used to smell like this in the spring.

The sun was on its downward trek, the silvery beams and the golden domes glowing in its soft light through the clouds. Time for us to head home, too.

And that's my slice for today.

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Back to school tomorrow. Spring Break's over.

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  1. That church looks really neat, even as it is. I have never seen an actual citrus fruit growing on a tree. I need to remedy that!