March 16, 2010

Filling Up at the Slicer Station

As I have been gone this past few days, instead of reading my books (I have many more to consider, thanks to my Slicers) I tried to catch up on the posting.

I was happy to read that one author and her husband received their traveling call to see their new baby boy. Another writer wondered about how will we know if we are the good teachers. . . or the bad ones who get sacked? Another wrote about her father's Grudge Box, and how, upon his death, she and her brother opened it to find little slips of paper, each denoting a kind of heartache and pain. Still another wrote about an elderly Italian man diffusing a potentially harmful situation while riding the transit home.

I wish I could write individually every night on all of your blogs. I learn so much about what's really going on in the world of teachers, of relationships, of ups and downs and an occasional sideways thrust into the gut. I learn about struggling to maintain a delicate balance in the face of all that.

I feel completely drained after my visit to my parents, and sit staring at the computer with nothing to say. Empty, I worry about how I'll navigate these ending years. I wonder if I can be the daughter they need. I wonder if I can continue my relationship with them in spite of all the hurdles of their hearing and sight loss, increasing OCD, frailty, tears and sadness. I'm anxious about all this.

I took a night off and read. Joined in your lives. Filled up.

Thanks for writing. Thank you all.

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Happy St. Patrick's Day!


  1. Sometimes we need to take time out in order to recharge our energies. It enables us to move forward again with those matters in our lives that require more of us. Those things that challenge us also make us stronger.

  2. You were able to find a way to get your perspective back after those few days that took your energy because of your resilience. Hang in there. You sought and found! Our fellow slicers are amazing, aren't they?

  3. It is wonderful when each of us knows what recharges our energies. It seems reading helped you. Bravo for you to take the time and find the very thing you needed.

  4. I can't imagine how I will navigate those final days either. I dread it so much that I cannot even think of it.

    Stay strong.

  5. Elizabeth, we feel the same about reading your slices. Sometimes you have to take a night off.

  6. The reading of others' posts has been more fulfilling than the writing that I have been doing during this challenge. I wouldn't be opposed to everyone ELSE continuing the challenge year-round, and allowing me to just read. :)

    As for your place in life, thoughts be with you as you maneuver this new set of challenges. I am sure you will handle it with grace, just as you have shared it here.

  7. Thanks for sharing a bit on this chapter of life you are walking thru.

    I have found myself connecting with you in many ways.

  8. We all need time to recharge. I think that is where I am today because I only wrote a few lines and let the pictures talk for me. It is wonderful to read your blog...I rarely have time to dialogue with other adjuncts due to my schedule and treasure being able to read your slices. Thank you!

  9. What a great post. It is amazing the way being able to just sit back and breathe and relax for a little bit can get you re-energized.

  10. Look at all the heartfelt comments. Traveling down the road you are on, a little ahead of you, you are doing one thing that I found so helpful...expressing your fears and receiving support from others. It helps so much.

  11. I was telling my husband about you again yesterday.

    I said, "Oh, Elizabeth just posted on my blog."

    He asked, "Who's that?"

    "Oh, she's my Slice of Life friend. You know, from last year. We did the Slice challenge last March and read each other's blogs still. I've never met her, but I love reading her posts and I love it when she provides insights on what I'm saying."

    He found it remarkable that we all do this: post, comment, share.

    I said, "Well, we're remarkable people. We're teachers."

    And you are quite remarkable. All of you!


  12. I know exactly how you feel, about the writing and reading part.

    I can only imagine how you must feel about the life part and it's even hard to imagine. A giant cyber-hug for you.

  13. I, too, wish I had the time and energy to comment on everyone's blogs.

    I'm watching my parents go through what you are going through now with yours and I feel the same way-- someday, it'll be my turn to take care of them. I can stave off the nervousness for now because it's far enough in the future but I know the day is coming.