April 22, 2009


If I were to tell you about my day, in tastes, it would be:
crunchy sweet homemade granola
banana ripened just slightly past perfection
freshly-squeezed orange juice
cough drop
a Bento Box: edamame, pickled yellow thing and pickled red thing, miso soup with fresh tofu (actually quite good), gyoza with a spicy dipping sauce, sushi pizza (ick), tempura-style chicken (all of this while I took my son out for his birthday)
fresh strawberries from a roadside stand
cough drop
piece of Dove chocolate, dark
okay, another piece of Dove chocolate, dark
grilled chicken
artichokes from the farmer's roadside stand
multi-grain mix from Trader Joe's
small, crunchy heirloom tomatoes
strawberries, fresh and sweet
and. . . cough drop.

1 comment:

  1. I am jealous of everything but the cough drop! We don't ever really get great produce here, even in the summer. THis year I am determined to grow some good tomatoes. I say that every year, but this is really going to be the year. I say that every year too. :) I went to rent the roto-tiller today so I can get started. I am moving everything to (another) new spot.