April 3, 2009

Film Festival

A friend from high school has a film entered in this film festival, and since it's not too far from my home, I'm heading up there today to view her film "Worth."

This is the second film she's produced, directed, acted in and written the script for, and I admire her for all her work and determination. She's been able to keep at her dream for many years in Hollywood, sometimes working the margins, but always working in some aspect of the filmmaking industry. It's been interesting to watch. I'm really proud of her.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I seem to mired in grading, lesson plans and working with students. And blogging.

I wrote two days ago about blog writing being the hydrant in the front yard. A new blogger I correspond with agrees and has gone dark on her blog for a while to shift to writing on the page. With real ink. With a real computer. Imagine.

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