March 27, 2009

Time Can Work Wonders for my Photograph Skills

Slicing my computer desktop into squares, my computer screen saver reminds me of our last trip to England and Italy: the delights of Lake Maggiore and its perfectly charming hotel/restaurant, our travels to other lakes and Bergamo. We also skipped over to England and toured York and the bucolic countryside of central England (we even went to Wallace and Grommit's creamery in Wensley Dale!).

When we first come home from a trip, the pictures seem so pitiful and puny. This wasn't at all like what we saw or experienced, we'll say to each other. We washed out again in the photo department. But give it about a month and we'll be gazing at our screen saver, pointing out memories, trading our stories. It's amazing what time can do for one's photography abilities.


  1. I know just what you mean about the power of the screen saver to showcase your photos; it's really pretty amazing.

  2. What a great post (also, I appreciate all of your comments at my blog and wish I were being better are commenting in return -- please accept my apologies).

    We are about a month off from our trip to Japan and yet, when the screensaver comes on, the kids and I will crowd around, remembering the different moments in time. I have mixed feelings when I am taking photos -- some seem too staged, you know? and I feel as if I watching and not experiencing the moment -- but it is worth it later on when you can relive the experience.

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  4. Sounds like Javieth is a spam-poster. I'd be reluctant to click on his link.