March 25, 2009

Slices to Brighten the Day

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Teensy slice:
Relieved of the burden of heavy grading load for a day or two, today was:
dr. apt
birthday shopping
deposit check
eat leftover birthday meal for lunch (yum)
shop for clothes
shop for sheets
race race race to get it all done on one day and when I turn out of the Mall parking lot onto a neighboring boulevard, there were thousands and thousands of orange, rust, yellow, red daisy-like gazanias bordering the road.

This was a perfectly delightful slice of color that brightened up my day. (And I followed it with a slice of leftover birthday cake!)


  1. We are just in the carpet of purple crocus stage here in N.E.!
    Loved the cathedral cake. I have a similar rose pan I received as a gift and never been able to rate more than an 8! There are always a few reluctant petals!

  2. Looks like my comments have finally passed inspection and will arrive on your blog!! Yippee!!

  3. Ah Elizabeth,
    Normality in your day. A little bit of rush, a little bit of fun, a little bit of necessity. So many of our days are glued together in this way. My wife often asks me on those days we are not working- What are your plans for the day? -And that is when it suddenly fills with a variety of simple, yet necessary items.

  4. What a gift to save the very best for last, photo and text!