March 22, 2009

If I Were a Hound

If I were a hound dog, the day thus far would smell like:
peachy talcum powder brought back from England
banana on a bowl of granola
freshly-squeezed orange juice
moth balls from the lady sitting next to me at church
sweet sweet, overly sweet perfume from another older woman
buttery madeleines--a treat for my Sunday School class
Leninade, a combo orange/lemon soda bubbling in a blue glass, tickling my nose
cinnamon-spice from a batch of snickerdoodles
freesias on the kitchen table


  1. What a great format
    Mine would smell like bacon and coffee at breakfast, rain and coffee as we ran from the car into the book store after church, cilantro and salsa and the mint in my mojito at dinner.

  2. Love this slice!!! I always look forward to reading your posts each day!

  3. I love your focus on the single sense of smell. My favorites are leninade and the madeleines (thank you Proust!).

    Sorry about the Twilight series spoiler, but there a couple of other twists, too.

    Elizabeth, thank you for reading my writing. Participating in this challenge has been a wonderful stretch for my writing practice, and I'm grateful for your comments.

  4. Inspired brilliance!