March 9, 2009

Another Day in an Alternate Life

I'm weary today. I've woken up tired, with some worry around my edges about Life in General. I'm headed up to my daughter's home in Flagstaff today, driving up from my son's home (and that brand-new baby girl)--about a two-hour drive.

It rained in the night, the hard drops hitting the window all night at a slant; I gave up sleeping about 5:45 a.m. and started to pack up to go.

I remember my mother's admonition: "A change is as good as a rest," but this morning I feel like I've changed into an alternate life from the one I usually live. I have three essays, two midterms to grade from that other life, and it's doubtful I'll get to them while in Flagstaff. The life I'll be living for the next week will be a treasure of chubby hands, energetic children, cooking and helping, visits with my daughter and her husband--in short--grandmothering and mothering.

Having said (whined?) all that, the final question for today is: would I trade a completed stack of essays for this trip of babies, funerals, talking with my family, and seeing my daughter's engaging face?


I just need that Other Person in that Other Life O' Mine to get going on the grading, so I'll be ready when my spring break is over.


  1. Sounds like your days are nice and full. Enjoy those kiddos.

  2. I hope that other person is gracious enough to let you enjoy your down time - it is hard to get away from our work. Enjoy Flagstaff. I grew up in Scottsdale and would love to be back in that warm weather right now!

  3. I find myself struggling with the teacher self and other self. It is always a battle to find balance.

  4. It is always so hard to set aside the teacher you and just be the you you. I hope you enjoy what sounds like a very family-full vacation!

  5. What a wonderful trip to see a new granddaughter! I'm sure those memories will help the teacher in you to not feel too bad about those papers!

  6. It is hard to find the balance! I have vowed not to do any marking at home this year and I am glad. SOme nights I have to stay late, but it has improved my home life. Of course, I couldn't do that if I was teaching older students!